Time and Tide

Time and Tide 2

working to engage local adults and disadvantaged groups outside of school with their local environment. Keep up to date with the Time and Tide blog that contains summaries of events and facts about the tides. The final independent evaluation report is now available to download. Time…

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Set Fair


report to the UK Government on women in science and engineering SET Fair, Greenfield report on women in science. Katalytik principle associate Jan Peters managed the background policy work and subsequently the three working groups, the main panel and report production for this landmark…

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Diversity in Construction

Diversity In Construction

This report, undertaken in association with Melanie Allison of Embankment Consulting, offers the first exploration of the costs of diversity initiatives for the UK construction sector to help businesses shape their own persuasive business case for diversity. Key findings include: important challenges for the…

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Different Women Different Places


Born from an idea by a group of black professional women from south London this study was undertaken between the Diversity Practice and Katalytik. An online survey of 300 black and Asian women was supported by face to face interviews with women leaders, roundtable…

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Women for Science

Women For Science

– an advisory report for the InterAcademy Council Katalytik provided the services to the InterAcademy Panel of a study director and managed a broader project team led by the distinguished engineer Johanna Levelt Sengers and the eminent scientist Dr Manju Sharma. The report made recommendations…

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Diversity in Engineering

Analysis of populations in engineering: ethnic minority groups, socioeconomic background, and gender. This is an update to the data collected for Set to Lead. Undertaken in collaboration with Oxford Research and Policy for the Women’s Engineering Society Update to the data collected for Set…

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