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Creating conversations with you to build engaged teams for people-centered design and engineering solutions

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Your challenge?

  • Tackling your attainment gap?
  • Meeting UKSPEC / AHEP ?
  • Team building? 
  • Staff retention through inclusive cultures?
  • Translating diversity plans into reality? 

Our tools

Chose the right strategy for belonging and engagement using our toolset:

  • Consulting and feedback: EDSNAP
  • CliftonStrengths for staff development & inclusion 
  • Katalytik  Healthcheck Inclusion Tool and checklists

Our mission

  • Helping you infuse inclusion into your culture
  • Our manifesto gives you the structure
  • Creating tools to tinker, tweak, and fine-tune teaching, teams, and products

Our services for you

Workshops and training

Online workshops or regular facilitated conversations with support and resources. Lively and engaging sessions include:

  • Infusion Inclusion Club
  • Strengths insights
  • Effective teams
  • Managing your supervisor


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Helping you extend your thinking on inclusion in engineering.

  • Reviewing your action plans
  • Shifting thinking
  • Structured shifts to embed inclusion

Join our Live Lounge Free events and the Inclusion Infusion programme to close achievement gaps and boost belonging.

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Inclusive teams are powerful teams. At the heart of successful project design and delivery.

A strengths-based approach for leadership teams, virtual/physical teams, and student learning.
If you aren’t ready to invest in a 1:1 coaching relationship yet, dip your toe in the water by joining Momentum.

Momentum is the Katalytik Coaching Club. Join fellow professional engineers, scientists, or tecchies to improve your quality of life and realise your potential.

Ready to join? go to our shop.

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