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We are Katalytik, your partner in inclusive engineering. Our goal is to help you build business and organisational strength through changing mindsets.

We are a team of independent consultants passionate about equality of opportunity in Science, Engineering and Technology. Our clients and partners choose us for our unique combination of hands-on expertise and an unrivalled knowledge base.

  • Designing a new course or tweaking an exisiting one?
  • Team building to raise productivity?
  • Setting up your departmental or faculty strategy and action plan?

We’ve been working across the STEM disciplines developing evidence based policy and making things happen over the last 30 years. Action plans based on our strategies are driving change at sectoral, national and international level. 

Our team of change-agents can help you to build engaged and productive programmes of change, education and training.

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SET to Lead

Set to Lead

We created the HE STEM funded Set to Lead project in partnership with UCL Engineering. We managed a major survey of over 4,500 UK engineering undergraduates that explored where students planned to work.  In collaboration with academics and industry partners we shaped a team and leadership programme to lay the foundations for future technical leaders. The focus was creating an inclusive team culture that included insights to unconscious bias and a strengths approach. We’ve continued to use the Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 tool with wider groups of engineers, scientists and other professionals. Read more about Set to Lead...


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