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Everyone has a unique ranked list of their CliftonStrengths that describes how they think, feel, and behave. Research over 40 years, with 2 million people from across the world, led to the description of 34 natural talents – innate ways of being – that provide a language to help us describe what makes us successful. By investing effort in understanding and applying these talents we can transform them into strengths.
You can uncover your unique talents by taking the CliftonStrengths Assessment.

"It’s pointless to compare yourself to others, because you are unique. You need to learn to value your uniqueness."

Simon Hurry

We love CliftonStrengths because it:


Feedback from our clients

“It’s refreshing to hear strengths wielded in different ways, by different people!”

“Talking to people always inspires me to learn new things. I think it is a good opportunity to explore new interests and what other people think.”

“I just want to say, this session and tool [CliftonStrengths] is amazing. Of all the tests I have done (and believe me, I have done a lot), this is the only one that captures me and looks to be useful to our team.”

“From the initial emails to the virtual meetings we had, Jan and I connected right off the bat.  Jan is incredible. Working with her has been transformative and eye opening as she has helped me dig deeper to identify my strengths and ways to enhancing them. Jan is equipped to show you the tactics you require to connect with people and goals you seek using what you already have.” 

Our CliftonStrengths Workshops

Workshops are interactive, engaging, and fun

Our monthly Strengths Jam

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