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Monthly events

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Live Lounge

An informal get together to explore Inclusion and Engineering and current challenges. For knowledge sharing and networking.

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Strengths Jam

An informal get together to explore your CliftonStrengths and how to apply them to your current challenges.

Other events

Katalytik webinars take place quarterly. Event listings are on our LinkedIn page and our Eventbrite page

Past events

Discover how to navigate conflicts and improve communication skills using a strengths-based approach.

Discover how to navigate conflicts effectively by focusing on our strengths. Learn practical strategies to improve communication, resolve differences, and build stronger relationships. Whether you’re facing challenges at work, at home, or in your personal life, this event will equip you with valuable insights and techniques.

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A webinar for engineering educators sharing tips to build inclusion into their lectures and seminars with guest speakers Gabriel Cavalli and Fiona Truscott..

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Join us for an engaging workshop on building inclusive teams through a strengths-based approach. In today’s workplace, collaboration is crucial for success, and we want to help you create a positive work environment that promotes productivity and engagement.

Our expert speaker, Dr Jan Peters MBE, will explain what a strengths-based approach to teamwork is, why it is important for teams, and how to create a strengths-based team. You will learn how to identify and use the strengths of individual team members, and how to leverage those strengths to achieve success.

We will discuss how a strengths-based approach leads to better performance, improves collaboration and trust, and enhances team dynamics. You will also learn how to encourage open communication and feedback within your team and celebrate successes and recognize the contributions of each team member.

Whether you are a team leader or a team member, this workshop is for you. You will walk away with practical tips and strategies that you can implement immediately to create a strengths-based team that promotes productivity, engagement, and job satisfaction.

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As we step into the world of leadership, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of what makes a good leader, and how we can develop the skills required to lead effectively. In this webinar, we will explore the fundamental traits that distinguish successful leaders from the rest.

We will also delve into the concept of inclusive leadership, which is crucial for building diverse and high-performing teams. Inclusive leaders understand the importance of creating a safe and inclusive environment, where everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of their background. Moreover, we will discuss the strengths-based approach to leadership, which emphasizes building on individuals’ strengths and talents to foster personal and professional growth. By leveraging your unique strengths, you can establish a solid foundation for your leadership journey.


Whether you’re just starting your leadership journey or looking to enhance your existing leadership skills, this webinar will provide you with valuable insights and actionable strategies to help you become a more effective and inclusive leader. 

It’s never been more important to tackle inclusion in engineering. Checking the data we see women in engineering education stuck at 16% and a persistent awarding gap for students from historically marginalized backgrounds such as Black British students. Compulsory diversity training hasn’t made a difference. And Athena SWAN, while raising awareness and gathering data hasn’t had the desired impact. In fact, we may even be seeing a reversity in diversity. As majority white engineers feel disengaged and pull back from participating in programmes.

Bringing together the evidence and what we’d seen with our own eyes, and heard from senior engineers, we sought a new approach. And so our signature methodology R.I.S.E. was born.

In this webinar Jan will provide insights into the four different stages that need to be considered and introduce the tools and programmes needed to create a cultural shift so everyone feels valued, that they belong, and make a useful contribution.


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Why your PhD can be hell and 3 things to boost your energy!

There’s no denying a PhD can be pretty intense. Periods of intense activity, followed by isolation as you lock yourself away in the library, and the indefinite end time. Not to mention likely lack of funding. As if that’s not enough, the intense relationship with your supervisor(s) can make for a downward slope to stress and burnout. And that’s even before our own inner chimp or snake gets to work, chipping away at our confidence.

Supervisors are the most researched issue around PhD problems. The biggest concern of students who just want a ‘good’ one’, and vital for your future academic career.

So if you are part of the 77% of PhD students who have experienced stress/sleep issues /anxious/depressed/irritable or sad; a supervisor looking for tips on helping your students; or just want to mitigate the inevitable, join Jan for some insights into how you can make peace with your inner serpent.


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  • Do you have a short list of your best talents and a long list of things to work on?
  • Is your inner voice one that cheers you on or offers reasons why you might fail?
  • You’ve worked hard but don’t feel worthy? And wonder what the missing piece is?
  • Are you dominated by the thoughts in your head? So you’re unable to get things done?

You will take away from this workshop a new vocabulary to talk, with confidence, about yourself. Your investment in participating will reward you week after week as you start your journey to become your ‘best self’.

Our Making the Most (of you) workshop offers a specific research based vocabulary, theories and tools to help you understand your motivators, needs, contributions and ways to interrupt your inner chatter.

Your investment in participating will reward you week after week as you start your journey to become your ‘best self’

Discover How to Work in a More Relaxed, Confident Way and How to Get More Done. Are you the naysayer in your team? Always ready with a yes, but what if… Maybe imposter syndrome is your biggest enemy, holding you back? Do you find yourself considering the things you do naturally to be your biggest weakness? Is your voice the one people hear too much of in a meeting? Have you ever asked? Are you dominated by the thoughts in your head, that you just can’t turn into action and so you’re unable to get things done? In this powerful Imposter to Superhero Pocket Webinar, you’ll learn all the details you need to build your confidence by doing what you do naturally . Would you like help figuring out what to do about it? If so, then this is perfect for you. Within minutes, you’ll know how to work in a more relaxed, confident way and how to get more done

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Knowing your strengths is key to having an enjoyable and successful career. It’s also a vital part of managing your well-being and satisfaction. Loving what you do, knowing what comes naturally to you, and becoming better and better at it, in turn, will create greater enjoyment, recognition, and progression.

Yet for most of us as soon as we become competent at something we dismiss it as being too easy. We ignore what we do best. It becomes just a habit. And we focus on other more difficult problems. While this can be helpful we end up becoming obsessed by the things we don’t have. And yet, others value the things that you have in you, and they don’t.

The best part of you is inside, hidden, ignored, and taken for granted. Join Katalytik for this insight into positive psychology and strengths to find out how you can see and enjoy the best version of you, that everyone else sees. Find out:

What are Strengths?

Why focusing on your strengths is essential for job satisfaction and success

The benefits of spotting strengths in others

How to boost your strengths

How to manage weaknesses

How knowing your strengths will help you:

Understand why you enjoy certain responsibilities at work – while others leave you drained

Few people can put their hand on their heart and say they have never experienced self-doubt. Find 3 ideas to get your mojo back?

What are the challenges in 2021 as we transition into a new normality with Covid 19? Do you experience feelings of inadequacy, incompetence and fraudulence despite obvious success? In the UK August is a time for renewal and preparation for the new school year. A year of unknowns and excitement. If you want to make the next year count shine up your shoes and join us to give your inner self a polish too.

Our belief is you were born as the perfect version of yourself, to compare yourself to someone else is truly pointless. We will use our insights from CliftonStrengths and positive psychology to help you describe yourself.

This seminar will outline Katalytik’s steps for managing self-doubt and give you at least 3 techniques to take away.

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Insights into the challenges of creating a culture of inclusion in engineering and three things you can do to shape the culture.

What are the challenges you face in 2021 with the huge shift to online teaching? How is this affecting efforts to close the student attainment gap? What are the fears and pitfalls? And how can you support your colleagues and students to do better?

This seminar will outline Katalytik’s steps for progress and give participants at least 3 ideas to deliver more inclusive on-line learning.

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