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Why inclusion is important to you!

If you have colleagues that think there is an operating meritocracy then why not invite them to join a webinar or workshop to explore how inclusion and diversity is relevant to science, engineering, and technology.,

Katalytik created a Manifesto for inclusion to help unravel the relevance and help scientists and engineers rationalise for themselves why it’s important.

A pyramid of 5 levels of development for inclusive engineering

Why we do inclusion

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Katalytik and our CEO have been researching, exploring, and innovating around diversity, equity, and inclusion across the science and technology disciplines for over twenty years. We think that especially in engineering, EDI are just too important to be left to chance, that it:

Workshops & webinars

Our interactive and energising workshops and webinars are delivered on-line and face to face. Topics range from helping rationalise how inclusion is relevant to engineering through to developing self-awareness of others. For this we use CliftonStrengths to illustrate through observation, discussion, and experience, how to notice and value the differences between each of us.

Do your EDI leads have enough support?

Connect with our community of practice – the Engineering Inclusion Forum - or invite us to run one for you internally.