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Training courses on bias haven’t had much impact on creating inclusive cultures. The Katalytik Inclusion Toolkit provides a framework of tools to use that help shift the inclusion approach from being ‘done to’ people.

Shifting the conversation from 'you will' to 'why wouldn’t you' is a core part of what we do.

Can your teaching staff demonstrate how they normalise inclusion within their lectures, tutorials or seminars?

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Introducing the Engineering Inclusion Forum

  • If you are new to a diversity responsibility or interested in giving your students a better experience but not sure where to start, then join the Engineering Inclusion Forum (The EIF).

The Engineering Inclusion Forum is a safe space to ask the questions you are nervous everyone else knows the answer already.

What is the different between equality and equity?

How do I answer the response “diversity isn’t relevant, I’m just teaching maths or thermodynamics”

Or if you’ve ever wondered about diversity and inclusion and critical thinking.

This is the space for you.


The EIF offers a blend of introductions to frameworks, practice applying them, and the chance to loop back round and ask questions as well as share experiences with your colleagues.

Our tool-kit includes a focus on giving space to others. We also use the CliftonStrengths assessment to develop self-awareness and empower participants to gain experience in valuing others’ needs in the teaching, learning and wider working space.

The Engineering Inclusion Forum

CliftonStrengths helps you develop understanding of your unique value and contribution and also what you need to be your best.