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Once you’ve worked out what you can do, we invite you to become a culture creator.

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Become a Culture Creator

Talk to us about how Katalytik can support your organisation. 

Culture Creation: redefining the norms of individual and collective behaviors in an academic community.


Creating a great place to work, where people look forward to going to work each day, is the difference between a good workplace and a great workplace. Making that workplace a space where everyone feels like that is our goal. Growing and building workplace engagement.

Research from Gallup connects engagement with performance and productivity. Engaged employees perform better and have psychological ownership of their performance. Helping you move people from:

What do we get? > What do I give? > Do I belong? > How can we grow?

Energising others through events

Whether you’re helping to educate others through participatory events such as book clubs, building an external and internal community of practice, building a culture of “How can we?” brings creativity, ownership, and action.

Invite us to facilitate an online or virtual session.


Working with your staff and students to help them internalise inclusion and normalise it into everything they do whether interpersonal or technical. It’s about creating engineers with empathy and applying critical thinking around inclusion to all aspects of engineering from an inclusive team, raw materials, product design, end-users, to product end-of-life.


Share your growing confidence with your students through threading inclusion within problem-solving, case studies, and scenarios and introducing self-reflection. Introducing tools and frameworks to develop the thinking skills of students and academics alike.


Connecting with other institutions, departments, or disciplines grows learning and creates cross-fertilization of ideas and projects. Sharing with the world that your journey has started builds confidence and clarity on the message that engineers are global problem solvers, solving big challenges with people in mind.

What are your top 3 EDI actions for the next 6 months?

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