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If you have colleagues who can’t get past inclusion as political correctness; who have had equality and diversity ‘done to them’; or seem stuck at the representation and data level, maybe it’s time to change the conversation.


If inclusion seems to be limited to accessibility of learning materials and role models. We need to talk.  

If you can’t shift the mix of your student or staff body to make it more diverse, how are you making sure that all those in a minority are having the same quality of learning or working experience as those in a majority? 

Making the most hires

At Katalytik we are here to help transform your world.

Our evidence base, outcome focus, and practical approach provides you with a training and support system that gets to the nuts and bolts of inclusion, belonging and engagement.


Along the way we met up to share our experiences of working as collaborators, researchers and hands-on managers in different diversity and inclusion projects.

We really care about our Science, Engineering and Technology industry. We knew there was no point in reinventing the wheel every time for clients: there had to be a way that so much evidence and experience could be pooled into a way for organisations to work towards inclusivity in a cost-effective manner.

That’s the reason we got together in 2014 to develop our Inclusive Engineering services based on the Peters Model of inclusive engineering education.

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