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The Katalytik signature methodology for addressing inclusion

The Katalytik signature methodology for addressing inclusion provides a personal and team approach to delivering our Manifesto.

Why have a signature methodology?

We’d long been curious about the push back against efforts to grow diversity in engineering. Deep thought, and conversations, identified the persistent belief and commitment to meritocracy to be a major tripping stone.

 Our interrogation led to the Katalytik Manifesto for Inclusion in Engineering. This explores how we consider excellence in engineering, how it is being achieved and asks: “Is it a true meritocracy, with the best engineers and scientists doing the best engineering and science?”


Where do we want the journey to take us?

Being led by evidence, including investigations into the extent to which researchers consider gender within European research, and Gendered Innovations, we shaped our ‘Conversations for inclusion’, launched in 2019. And then, realized that there are four phases to engage with:

1. Diversity and inclusion: why is it important to me? Rationalise
2. What could I do to make a difference? Internalise
3. There are so many things, how do I choose? Strategise
4. Hey, it’s not just about me. What can I do to engage others? Externalise


We’ve created, collated, and got certified in tools and frameworks t o help your meet your goals, (for example CliftonStrengths, InclusionScore, and our own Engineering Healthcheck tool

Katalytik Inclusion RISE method

Frequent comments we’ve heard over the years, including 2024: 

 “The best? we are the best”

“There was nothing broken” 

“So it’s all about diversity now? not engineering?”

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