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Over the years Katalytik has led or contributed to many reports. This library includes the pdf of public reports and products that we are able to share. Over time we will add other reports that are not available on the Internet that we consider to have made an important contribution to the advancement of diversity, equality, equity, and inclusion.

Positive StartDownload
Diversity in Engineering Data report.Update and re-evaluation of the demographic data compiled for the Set to Lead report, exploring …Download
Diversity in EngineeringA report from the voices in engineering project – that explores aspirations and destinations of …Download
The Women in IT ScorecardInvestigation into women in the IT professionDownload
Equality and Diversity in the Construction SectorA review on progress and strategies for addressing diversity in constructionDownload
Supervisor Meeting Prep WorksheetTo help get the most out of your supervisor meetingsDownload
Diversity in EngineeringA demographic picture of engineering in the UK looking at gender and ethnicity. 2013Download
Different Women Different Places.Different women executive summaryDownload
Set To Lead reports, Jobs for the boys.An exploration of the destinations ad experiences of undergraduate engineers 2012Download
Taking a BreakGuidance produced for the British Computer Society members on career break planningDownload
SET Fair (aka the Greenfield Report)Recommendations to the UK Government on a step change for addressing diversity in STEM – …Download
Designing inclusive engineering educationCaptures global good practice into threading inclusion into engineering education July 2018Download
2005 IER Warwick – SETData analysis of UK science and engineering populations by gender, ethnicity and STEM capital 2005.Download
STEM HE Conference – Set to LeadDownload