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Our proprietary Engineering Education HealthCheck tool enables you to develop a benchmark on where you are, target effort and demonstrate progress.

New conversations and perspectives on Inclusion and Diversity in STEM and Academic Institutions

A motivated and engaged workforce in higher and further education creates an energised and motivated student cohort. Our approach uses research-based tools for staff, faculty, researchers, and students across all levels including professional services, doctoral training centres, early career researchers, as well as research and leadership teams.

Changing the Diversity and Inclusion Conversation to:

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Foster awareness and recognition of an inclusive academic and research community

Increase staff and student engagement

Catalyse new inclusion practices and behaviours in academic and research environments

Helping each person see what they could do, most easily, to make a difference to others

Improve student outcomes

Elevate awareness and foster inclusivity across all levels

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Tackle common challenges faced by PhD students, such as:

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Our Ethos

"If our engineering workforce is to have the capacity and confidence to grow a diverse and inclusive workforce then we need to embed the principles across education and training in our colleges and universities."

Katalytik director, Jan Peters has been driving change in this area for over 20 years. Innovating and driving new ways of thinking through action research. Since 2010 she has worked with UCL Engineering threading inclusion across the award-winning Integrated Engineering Programme.


She is a thought leader and change agent that continues to add to the strategies and actions to build an inclusive culture she first outlined in the Designing Inclusive Engineering Education Report. This has led to the Inclusive Engineering Manifesto and Katalytik’s signature RISE methodology.