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Supporting engineers to internalise inclusion and gain confidence in being the tutor and/or colleague they want to be.

New tools and frameworks to support you, your work, and your life

The focus of the forum is helping engineers internalise the relevance of inclusion into their daily lives: making a difference to colleagues, collaborators/clients and students

Engineering Inclusion Forum

Can your teaching staff demonstrate how they normalise inclusion within their lectures, tutorials or seminars?

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What's included:

  • A monthly, virtual, meet-up blending taught elements with exploration of each new framework, tool, or model, and conversations taking the insights deeper

  • A supportive peer network connects and shares insights relevant to engineering

  • Monitored chat to answer questions, share materials and help you extend the conversation

  • Worksheets, resources, and certificates for attendance and module completion. Modules last 4 months

  • Short preparation videos in the lead up to the monthly meeting

The Engineering Inclusion Forum

A community with knowledge, tools, and resources that builds EDI confidence for teaching staff.

It's too important to be left to chance

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