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Are you looking to gain clarity over your work or personal life? Have a promotion on the horizon and need to take the next step in your career?

Then Momentum is for you: Access to a certified strengths coach within a friendly peer group.

A big benefit of group coaching over 1:1 coaching, in Momentum you connect, network, and practice asking great questions. Joining a Momentum Coaching Group can be just what you need to give yourself a nudge.
We use goals to focus your self-discovery and aim your natural potential. This is why we’ve included an onboarding call.

Want to know more?

Download the guide to the Momentum Coaching Club and how it can transform your career or personal life. 

Momentum membership includes:

  • A 3o minute onboarding call to help set your goals
  • Regular group coaching meet-up
  • Community Manager suport
  • Tutoring and coaching on listening
  • Monthly worksheets
  • Private group
  • Resources and materials
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Choose your commitment

Choose from the Momentum Kickstarter with six meetups over 2 months or year-long monthly meetup Momentum Sustain programme.

Momentum SustainMomentum Kickstarter
The CliftonStrengths tool gives you a personalized vocabulary to become familiar with your innate talents.
You’ll be able to talk about what makes you shine, with authenticity and confidence. Never be lost for words when you need to tell your manager what you need to be your best.