Inclusive engineering education

Use our model to solve a host of operational challenges for your department, school or faculty.

Our model

Developed by Katalytik CEO Jan Peters, the Peters Model for inclusive engineering education has been developed through six years working with UCL Engineering and informs our proprietary methods and tools. Katalytik will help you embed this in your department or faculty with team discovery workshops, staff development training and consultancy support.

Inclusive Engineering education workshop

Our consultants lead a series of workshops to apply a more inclusive mindset to meeting your identified challenges from attracting research grants to facilities development to pastoral care and student retention. You can select from our off-the shelf workshops and coaching or we can design a programme bespoke to your needs.

Inclusive engineering education

Our inclusive engineering education model was developed through our leading the Set to Lead project at University College London and subsequent involvement in the design of the UCL Integrated Engineering Programme. Good practice from across 25 employers was collated as part of Set to Lead to create guidance for inclusive assessment centres to boost recruitment of women into engineering roles.  Read more about Set to Lead.

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