What’s in a name?

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Our names can reveal important clues about who we are, our age, ethnicity, or social class, for example, that can affect how we’re treated by others. Exploring research on names is fascinating in itself.

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Extend your network

Extend your network Feb 2020

Few of us work alone these days. We all depend on others to help us deliver our work, daily, weekly or monthly. We tend to drift into routines. Our networks can become limited. So how can you invest a bit of time to enrich…

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Manifesto for inclusive engineering education

A pyramid of 5 levels of development for inclusive engineering

If enriching the student experience, closing the achievement gap and maintaining the diversity of your cohort into relevant work is important these five points will help. The are designed to build creative, engaged and innovative teaching and learning spaces and support people to produce…

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Reframing inclusion in engineering

November 7 2017 We’ve seen huge advances and shifting in thinking around diversity and inclusion in higher education in recent years, catalysed by the Athena Project, launched in 1999. What a difference we can now see. The diverse and rich programme at this year’s…

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Katalytik in Colarado

  UK women in engineering programmes are dwarfed by those funded by the National Science Foundation in the USA. Jan Peters was invited to present at the 2017 Change Leaders Forum in Colorado. WEPAN is the main US network dedicated to advancing cultures of…

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Top ten tips on using strengths to support reviews

Sometimes our internal people management systems don’t align. Maybe your organization has introduced strengths locally but still operates a competency-based system. And here you are, trying to work with strengths and what’s right with people while filling out forms identifying areas for development. Originally…

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