RISE: The Katalytik Signature Methodology for Addressing Inclusion in Engineering

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The engineering industry is one that has a long-standing reputation for being male-dominated and lacking in diversity. Efforts to grow diversity in the field have often met with resistance, primarily due to a persistent belief in meritocracy and the idea that “the best” engineers are already in the industry. In light of this, Katalytik has developed the RISE signature methodology to address inclusion in engineering.

The RISE methodology is based on extensive research, including investigations into the extent to which gender is considered within European research and Gendered Innovations. This research led to the development of the Katalytik Manifesto for Inclusion in Engineering, which aimed to challenge the status quo and address the pushback against diversity efforts. The methodology consists of four phases, which individuals and organizations can use to guide their journey towards a more inclusive engineering community.

The first phase, “Diversity and Inclusion: Why is it Important to Me?” helps individuals understand the significance of diversity and inclusion in the engineering industry. This phase is crucial in establishing the importance of creating a more inclusive environment and is the foundation for the rest of the methodology.

The second phase, “What Could I Do to Make a Difference?” is about identifying actions that individuals can take to create a more inclusive environment. This phase encourages individuals to think about the impact they can have and the actions they can take to make a difference.

The third phase, “There are So Many Things, How Do I Choose?” is about selecting the most impactful actions. With so many options, it can be challenging to determine which actions will have the most significant impact. This phase helps individuals prioritize their actions and focus on the initiatives that will drive change.

The final phase, “Hey, it’s Not Just About Me. What Can I Do to Engage Others?” is about engaging others to drive change. This phase encourages individuals to think beyond themselves and consider how they can engage others in the journey towards a more inclusive engineering industry.

In addition to the four phases, the RISE methodology includes tools and frameworks that have been created, collated, and certified to help individuals and organizations navigate their journey. These resources provide guidance and support, helping individuals and organizations to achieve their goals and create a more inclusive environment.

In conclusion, the RISE signature methodology is a comprehensive approach to addressing inclusion in the engineering industry. It is based on extensive research and is designed to challenge the status quo and push for a more inclusive future. The four phases and accompanying tools and frameworks provide individuals and organizations with a roadmap for creating a more inclusive engineering community. The RISE methodology is an important step towards achieving a more diverse and inclusive engineering industry and a more meritocratic engineering profession.

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