What’s in a name?

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Our names can reveal important clues about who we are, our age, ethnicity, or social class, for example, that can affect how we’re treated by others. Exploring research on names is fascinating in itself.

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Extend your network

Extend your network Feb 2020

Few of us work alone these days. We all depend on others to help us deliver our work, daily, weekly or monthly. We tend to drift into routines. Our networks can become limited. So how can you invest a bit of time to enrich…

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Higher Education and Inclusion

Sharing knowledge and good practice across disciplines and continents provides a stimulating and rich environment to grow and learn. This is no less true than at the HETL conference, held outside of the US for the first time in Scotland this year, Katalytik was…

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PPE: fit not fashion

A new blog post by Jan Peters, summarising the status of progress towards PPE that fits. You have to agree, it is ridiculous that in 2017 women are still being given safety equipment that quite simply isn’t fit for purpose.  As well as writing on…

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Code Challenge

Code Challenge Set up in 2013 as a project to recruit more STEM Ambassadors with coding skills we developed the code challenge with STEM Wilts and Dorset. We set a challenge with a broad theme and matched schools with a STEM Ambassador. The topic…

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Katalytik awarded EHRC study

PRESS RELEASE: IMMEDIATE RELEASE 30 November 2010 EHRC COMMISSIONS KATALYTIK FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY RESEARCH Katalytik has been awarded a high-profile research contract by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to help the UK construction industry reap the benefits of improving diversity practice…

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