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Momentum Kickstarter

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Original price was: £999.00.Current price is: £599.00.

Are you ready to explore your CliftonStrengths with like-minded folk? Delivered by Gallup Certified CliftonSrengths coach Jan Peters and community manager Helen Shipton. Six sessions over two months connects you to your strengths and helps you focus on what you do best. And importantly what you need to be your best. Six group coaching sessions over 2 months

  • Work through your CliftonStrengths report
  • Understand why other people frustrate you
  • Develop more effective leadership skills
  • Build greater confidence
  • Enhance your work life


If you’ve felt a bit flat, maybe overwhelmed, or felt like you’ve lost your mojo, Momentum Kickstarter is the nudge you need to help you unlock some seriously simple strategies to give your wellbeing a boost.

We’ve carefully developed this group for those who work in Engineering, Science, and Technology. Studying, researching, or solving the world’s problems. It’s your tribe.


During the coaching programme you’ll experience:

  • Shared development and growth
  • Varied case studies from other members
  • Confidence from peer support
  • New coaching techniques to use as a friend, colleague, or manager
  • A community to celebrate your wins with

Who is Momentum Kickstarter for?

Momentum Kickstarter is for ENGINEERS and SCIENTISTS eager to invest in themselves over a 2 month period.

If you’re looking to kick start 2023, so you’re ready to rock and apply for new jobs or promotions or simply want to put the energy-sapping events of th elast two years behind you. Then our Momentum Kickstarter is for you. 

Bring along your CliftonStrengths profile and let’s get started.

When you join Momentum Kickstarter you will get:

  • A personal onboarding call (value £100)
  • Six value-packed group coaching sessions (value £900)
  • Personalised insights sheets (value £150)
  • Weekly worksheets (value £150)

This value-packed opportunity would cost you £1,300, but is available at £599

If you want to pay in 3 installments, sign up here

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2 reviews for Momentum Kickstarter

  1. Patricia

    The Momentum coaching sessions were insightful and incredibly helpful. Jan and Helen’s explanation of the Clifton Strengths framework helped me to better articulate my preferred way of working, and how I differ to others in my strengths. It’s helped me to identify the reasons that I thrive in some situations and struggle in others, so that instead of being endlessly frustrated with myself, I can more clearly see the reasons driving my emotional experience of different tasks. One of the more powerful aspects has been the postivity, it’s been about recognising, celebrating and refining strengths, rather than leading with addressing deficits as I have found with other coaching. That positive tone makes all the difference, since instead of chasing different attributes, we spoke of how the intrinsic attributes I already have make me excel at particular tasks, and how to build on this..

  2. Louise Roberts

    The Momentum sessions were really helpful in my understanding the way that I work and interact with people (and the world). Jan and Helen were super supportive and the sessions were a pleasure to attend.

    From the conversations that were had during the sessions, I discovered that my way of working is inherent to me and is a strength, rather than a hindrance (which had been the case in past roles), and has led me to develop my own mentoring programme as I love gathering information. I can now share my knowledge with clients and help them stay compliant and grow their businesses, safely.

    The environment created by Jan and Helen was supportive and positive, rather than negative. The strengths I have make me a stronger person, rather than having negativity associated with them, which make me weaker. This was all addressed during Momentum, and I would recommend Momentum to everyone who wants to understand they are a stronger person, because of their individual strengths, rather than despite them.

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