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The Kinetic Package


Ten 1-2-1 coaching sessions taken over 6 months help you transform from uncertainty to living your strengths.

The Kinetic package, really gets you moving, achieving greater confidence, better relationships, and higher well-being. Sessions include:

  • Pre-work & review of profile/documents between sessions

  • 50-minute online coaching session

  • Follow-up action items and resources by e-mail

  • Access to Momentum Group coaching at a discounted price.


This is for those committed to motion. Over six months these ten sessions, enable you to laser in on how you think, feel, and get things done helping you appreciate and value your uniqueness.

  • Practicing goal setting and achievement through strengths
  • Appreciating how your life to date has been driven by your strengths
  • Understanding the distribution of your strengths across the four leadership domains and strategies to make them work for you
  • Gaining words and confidence to talk about how amazing you are. Say NO! to imposter syndrome
  • What it means to  nuance your strengths and tune them up and down
  • Lots of resources and tools to take away and use
  • Diving into the darker side of how strengths shift you off track or can get you stuck in a rut
  • You will enjoy reveling in how you can learn to dial different strengths up, or down
  • And be introduced to strategies for asking great questions, for example, you’ll learn about, and practice Humble Inquiry, and gain confidence in your potential to be a great manager and leader.

Bonus offers

1 x CliftonStrengths All 34 report (value £60)

Between session nudges and reminders