Making the Most (of you) – Bournemouth

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Do you have a short list of your best talents and a long list of things to work on?
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Is your inner voice one that cheers you on or offers reasons why you might fail?

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You’ve worked hard but don’t feel worthy? And wonder what the missing piece is?
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Are you dominated by the thoughts in your head?  So you’re unable to get things done?

You will take away from this workshop a new vocabulary to talk, with confidence, about yourself.  Your investment in participating will reward you week after week as you start your journey to become your ‘best self’.

Our Making the Most (of you) workshop offers a specific research based vocabulary, theories and tools to help you understand your motivators, needs, contributions and ways to interrupt your inner chatter.

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Workshop content

  • An introduction to positive psychology
  • Exploration of your Top 5 strengths
  • Understanding how you lead
  • How strengths can be over, and under, used and can cause misunderstandings and affect performance

What will be your outcomes?

  • Know why focusing on what’s working is nearly always the best approach to problems or conversations
  • Clarity on your strengths, and how to deploy them
  • Know how to boost your energy and wellbeing
  • Strategies for communication and collaboration

A little bit about Kataytik

Katalytik are based in Christchurch and work with businesses and universities, across the world, passionate about building inclusive ecosystems in engineering and science. Award winning CEO, Dr Jan Peters delivers engaging and energizing workshops. To date Katalytik has worked with over 4000 engineers and business leaders helping them build inclusive and powerful teams.

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Feedback from previous workshops

Jan is an amazing presenter and very engaging she’s absolutely brilliant at spontaneous advice and her anecdotes certainly made the day very fun and lively and relatable.

Really interesting interactive workshop that significantly raises the self-awareness.

Actually, another big A-ha moment for me was realizing that weaknesses are actually strengths in overdrive tripping you up.

Excellent instructor with plenty of reliable anecdotes

Yes, it gives you a way to explain yourself to others people and understand things about yourself that you hadn’t thought of before

So, anyone who wants to know more about themselves and improve themselves growing the skills they have in them I would recommend this.

Yes,  you will learn things about yourself that help you write CVs apply for jobs recognise your skills help improve day to day job satisfaction and you can also apply to everyday life like friends family relationships even parenting.

I would recommend to professional teams to aid in working over long periods of time, yes I think you can learn a lot about yourself and being that actively aware is helpful