Jan is now certified with the ISO30415 in diversity and inclusion

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Last summer I was excited to see the final agreement and publication of the ISO 30415 standard for diversity and inclusion. It took ten long years of discussions before agreement, but finally there it is. And you can purchase a copy for £150 here: https://www.iso.org/standard/71164.html

If you’re an engineer – being able to identify a process for delivering is helpful. And for diversity, equity, equality, and inclusion it creates a certainty and is quite satisfying and entirely comfortable. One of the biggest drivers from an industry perspective is that the risk of not addressing DEI is increasing – the financial cost and potential for reputational damage mean board level executives are sitting up and taking note . I’ve always erred on the side of the carrot approach for DEI development and growth, rather than the stick; meaning strengthening employer-employee relations, raising engagement and concomitant productivity and profitability, not to mention wellbeing. So being keen to stay on top of the latest thinking, I have now become one of the few people in the UK certified by the University of Georgia on the ISO.

If you’re interested in finding out more and helping your colleagues or diversity professionals learn more about using the ISO framework – book a call.