Katalytik’s new Tool for Inclusive Engineering Education to be piloted in 2017

‘What kind of engineer is needed for tomorrow’s employers?’

The Katalytik team is collaborating with UCL Engineering and the Centre for Engineering Education to create an Inclusive Engineering Checklist which will enable engineering education institutions to more easily develop and maintain equality standards. The Checklist is to be piloted in early 2017.

The first pilot will be supported by the UCL Liberating the Curriuclum project at UCL.

 As part of UCL’s response to answer the question, ‘What kind of engineer is needed for tomorrow’s employers?’ Katalytik’s Jan Peters has been involved in shaping UCL’s Integrated Engineering Programme and in April 2016 chaired the first Inclusive Engineering Education Symposium at UCL, sharing knowledge and experiences on diversity in engineering. The team at Katalytik in collaboration with Sean McWhinnie of Oxford Research and Policy subsequently developed a Checklist for road-testing at the International Conference for Interactive Collaborative Learning for curriculum leaders in Belfast, September 2016.  Using feedback from this workshop, the Checklist is being refined to ensure that it supports Engineering Departments’ work towards gaining Athena SWAN Awards for gender equality.

Sean says,  “Engineering schools will at last be able to get to grips with what inclusion and diversity really mean in engineering and for engineers. We believe that using our Checklist will make it easier for them to gain Athena SWAN awards. This is going to have a major impact on the ability of the sector to widen its inclusivity”

Get in touch if you are interested inroad testing the tool.