Creating inclusion in engineering education

A workshop to road-test a new framework and check-list on inclusive engineering.

World-cafe format

World-cafe format

Jan Peters is running a workshop at the international conference on interactive collaborative learning to road-test a new tool for addressing inclusion in engineering education. The workshop is part of the accepted programme and takes place on the day before the main conference (21-23 September): 20th September 10am-1pm at the Clayton Hotel, Belfast.

The need for such a tool became clear earlier last year while we were reviewing initiatives to make engineering more diverse. Diversity in engineering still focuses heavily on recruitment into engineering degree courses. This workshop goes beyond recruitment. While the focus is on undergraduate courses it goes beyond supporting students from underrepresented groups and asks what is the kind of engineer is needed by today’s employers. Four themes, drawn from discussions at the first international symposium on inclusive engineering education held at UCL in April 2016 will be presented, considered and refined in the workshop. These themes create a framework for a check-list to enable students to experience and gain an appreciation of differences between groups and how this can unlock access to new engineering solutions. We’ll road test the check-list with participants’ experiences and share good practice to benchmark progress.

Who will be interested?

Curriculum leaders and developers with an interest in implementing inclusive and diverse programmes will find this a relevant and up-to-date topic. Further, curriculum developers, teaching leaders, Athena SWAN committee members and chairs of teaching committees will find something new and exciting to take back.

Find out more about the ICL conference in Belfast and register here