Strategic Consulting

Light bulb and lots of ideas emerging

Organisational advice and guidance on inclusion and diversity

Light bulb and lots of ideas emerging

Building a diverse workforce is a team effort.

We have experience in shaping international, national and sectoral strategies and action plans addressing the under-representation of minority groups in science, engineering and technology.

We have our own equality and diversity assessment tool for professional bodies: the Equality and DIversity Snapshot Audit tool:

  • Baseline setting
  • Defining evidence needs and reporting
  • Objectives shaping and defining an action plan

The focus is on helping to unravel the organisational engagement with equality and diversity from activities. Participation helps to see behind the activity and understanding of the differential impact of isolated projects on helping to shape the profession.

To complement our work on strategic consulting, Katalytik also offers creativity and innovation, boosting the potential for effective projects and programmes to challenge stereotypes through school and hands-on activities and action-based research.

Researching, connecting and networking

Regardless of your position on the nature or nurture argument the fact remains that women and minority ethnic groups are perceived and valued differently to white male employees, on the whole. Women grow up in a society which places expectations upon them. In support of our strategic consulting work we have taken part in, initiated, or delivered a series of projects that challenge the perceptions of what women whether they are minority ethnic or not, can achieve:

  • Showcasing success
  • Connecting and networking women across sectors