Returners and Re-entrants


Some women, and increasingly men, take a career break and use it to their advantage to publish papers, write a book or acquire a new qualification. Others struggle.

Technology gaps are not the biggest barrier to returning, it’s confidence. Employers and managers can help returners become useful and productive staff members within a matter of a few months. As part of the Equalitec project (Click Here), Katalytik, for BCS produced Returners and Re-entrants – a collection of schemes operating within companies to both attract and manage the returning and re-entrant process. Of particular success was the intern training programme with Thoughtworks.

Tips include:

  • Offering pre-interview confidence sessions
  • Training courses for potential returners
  • Developing a skill bank to offer project work to those who do not wish to work full time.
  • Return to work interviews for both the returner, line manager, and staff up to a year after the return
  • Phased return / re-entry
  • Mentoring, coaching, and buddy system

Follow-on work using the CliftonStrengths tool has been developed in collaboration with Resonate International (Click Here) that supports returners to gain their confidence and re-enter the workforce. Katalytik’s group coaching programme Momentum (Click Here) supports career breakers and returners and re-entrants.