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Higher Education

Supporting you to grow a confident and happy community in your engineering department.

Let’s change the conversation on equity, diversity, inclusion by building engagement, belonging, and happiness.

Who is it for

  • If your teaching and academic staff don’t feel confident having conversations around inclusion with students, then they might value being part of a community of practice.

    If you’ve taken on an EDI role and are swamped with reports, books and so called good practice, then let us help you navigate through it.

    If colleagues are fatigued about EDI then It’s time to change the conversation and energise them in a different way.

Tell me how I can change the conversation

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The Problems

Enquire about using our Inclusion Health Check Tool across your team, department, school, or faculty. 

Enquire about using our Inclusion Health Check Tool across your team, department, school, or faculty.

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Our Ethos

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  • If our engineering workforce is to have the capacity and confidence to grow a diverse and inclusive workforce then we need to embed the principles across the education and training programmes in our colleges and universities.

    Katalytik director, Jan Peters has been driving change in this area for over 20 years. Innovating and driving new ways of thinking through action research. Since 2010 she has worked with UCL Engineering threading inclusion across the award-winning Integrated Engineering Programme. 

  • She is a thought leader and change agent that continues to add to the strategies and actions to build an inclusive culture she first outlined in the Designing Inclusive Engineering Education Report. This has led to the Inclusive Engineering Manifesto and Katalytik’s signature RISE methodology.

The End Result

These tools bring sophistication, sensible, and logical steps to shift the focus from telling people they are flawed and biased, to building their communication skills, critical thinking, and providing frameworks for engineers to use to build stronger teams and bring bigger thinking to the world’s global problems.


Do It Yourself

Grow your own confidence and knowledge, or road-test our tools and framework in our Engineering Inclusion Forum 12 month programme and our group mentoring club for personal confidence and leadership development.

Done With You

Let us help you shape your departmental community of practice and build the knowledge and confidence of your staff. Programme delivered internally for a departmental group.

Done For You

We’ll adapt our programme for you and provide white label materials, workshops, a library of resources and an internal on-line learning programme

Student, early career researchers and staff professional skills

Growing self-awareness and awareness of others are foundational for an inclusive work and learning space. We’ve been using CliftonStrengths since 2012 to support students in engineering and science; team working, mentoring and wellbeing; and insights to leadership for early career professionals. As well as providing strengths insight and leadership workshops in companies, we use our expertise and expertise in research and STEM programme development to enrich the learning for students and staff. 

Stronger student teams

Creation and support for student strengths-based team working. Helping students understand what they bring and need to a group, how to manage themselves and value work partners.

Staff tutor


Frustrated at how to help students get more from problem based learning? This deep dive equips tutors and pastoral coaches and counsellors to support students.  

Early career researchers

Suddenly needing to manage your own work and research can be daunting and more so when your supervisor is very busy. This programme focuses on communication and collaboration. 

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Find out more about our Engineering Inclusion Forum

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