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a hand drawing on a glass panel

a hand drawing on a glass panel

We’ll help you build a welcoming culture for under-represented groups and career returners.

A transition to an inclusive culture should result in real change (Our founder Jan Peters’ Purple Boot campaign pushed the issue of female-friendly safety clothing to the forefront – demanding attention from companies in the construction sector and a commitment from suppliers).

Understanding the artefacts that have evolved over the years, that embody your culture and ways of thinking, can mean challenging conversations. That calls for an external, impartial voice and a safe pair of hands.

Our experience of research and policy implementation across the science, construction, IT, and engineering sectors helps you identify blocks to diversity and achieve tangible results around inclusion. Whether you need another safe pair of hands or some additional creativity we can help.

We supported the construction sector with leadership thinking, translating complex ideas into simple actions. We were contracted by the British Computer Society – the home of IT professionals, leading their women in IT strategy, holding thought leadership forums, and developing resources to support career breakers.

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