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Are you an engineer or scientist eager to invest in yourself? Whether you’re looking to kickstart your career or sustain long-term growth, Momentum Coaching Group offers tailored programs designed specifically for professionals in Engineering, Science, and Technology.


The Momentum sessions were insightful and incredibly helpful... That positive tone makes all the difference


The environment created by Jan and Helen was supportive and positive... I would recommend Momentum to everyone who wants to understand they are a stronger person because of their individual strengths

Momentum membership includes:

Momentum Kickstarter: Ignite Your Potential

£999 £599
  • 6 sessions over 2 months
  • Personal onboarding call (value £100)
  • Six value-packed group coaching sessions (value £900)
  • Personalized insights sheets (value £150)
  • Weekly worksheets (value £150)

Explore your CliftonStrengths with like-minded individuals
Develop effective leadership skills and build confidence
Enhance your work life and focus on what you do best.

Who It’s For: Engineers and scientists looking to kickstart 2023, apply for new jobs or promotions, or simply put the energy-sapping events of the last two years behind them.

Momentum Sustain: Achieve Long-Term Success

  • 12 x 75-minute group coaching and personal growth sessions
  • 60-minute onboarding call to set goals
  • Full 34 debrief call
  • Mid-month keep in touch call
  • Regular nudges to keep you on track
  • Monthly worksheets, resources, and materials

Additional Options: Booster 121 coaching package with 4 sessions per year.

Who It’s For: Professionals seeking a monthly, strengths-based coaching group that helps stay accountable over the year through peer support.

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The CliftonStrengths tool gives you a personalized vocabulary to become familiar with your innate talents.
You’ll be able to talk about what makes you shine, with authenticity and confidence. Never be lost for words when you need to tell your manager what you need to be your best.