Supporting you to grow a confident and happy community in your team or department.

Let’s change the conversation on equity, diversity, inclusion by building engagement, belonging, and happiness.

It’s time to halt training courses that leave people feeling flawed.

We use CliftonStrengths as one of our tools. We’ve introduced over 3500 people to their top talent profile.

Who is it for

  • If you have staff who feel isolated, picked on or bullied then they might value being part of a community of practice.

    If some (often) minoritized staff don’t feel heard, then we can help develop better listening and communication across your teams

    If you’ve taken on an EDI role and are swamped with reports, books, and so called good practice, then let us help you navigate through it.

    If colleagues are fatigued about EDI then It’s time to change the conversation and energise them in a different way.

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The Problems

Our Ethos

  • Our ethos is founded on helping people shift the EDI conversation. So it helps you build your capacity and confidence to grow a diverse and inclusive workforce. We’re working with colleges and universities, as well as businesses to help integrate the worldly views of Gen Z.

    Katalytik director, Jan Peters has been driving change in engineering and construction for over 20 years. Innovating through adapting and creating new ways of thinking through action research. Our focus is helping each person be their best everyday. Creating space for people to be themselves. Learning to listen to others, giving their whole attention, and adapting to threading inclusive practices across teams. She’s a thought leader and change agent that continues to add to Katalytik’s strategies and actions to build an inclusive culture. This has created the Katalytik inclusive engineering manifesto and the signature RISE methodology.

The End Result

These tools brings sophistication, sensible, and logical steps to shift the focus from telling people they are flawed and biased,  to building communication skills, critical thinking and providing frameworks to build stronger teams and bring bigger thinking to the world’s global problems.

So if you’re looking for short term trainings on listening and communication or introducing a strengths based approach – where we build strong teams then get in touch.

Office Banter

Package 1

CliftonStrengths introductory half or full day workshop. Outcomes include:

Understanding your Top 5 Talents

Team connectivity

Fun and energizing

Package 2

Perfect partners and the wellbeing of the team

Team leader preparation and planning 

Team off-site full day 

Follow up one-to-one debrief and planning sessions


Package 3

Inclusive Teams and Inclusive Leaders. Outcomes include: 

Communication and inclusion

Manager as coach

Wellbeing and personal development

CliftonStrengths introductory workshop.