Taylor Woodrow Inspirational Lecture

29 November 2017

Jan joins the panel of inspiring speakers (alongside Profesor Tim Broyd and Russell Lewis) at Taylor Woodrow’s annnual Inspirational Lecture held at the Institution of Civil Engineers on 29 November.

Tackling the lecture theme of resilience, Jan will explore personal resilience using her Top Three Hits to help young and old alike tune into their talents and stay focused on the future.  When you think about what has helped you stay on track consider these hits:

  • Don’t look back in anger by Oasis (“Look inside the eye of your mind..”)
  • It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it from Fun Boy Three with Bananarama
  • Tub thumping from Chmbawumba (“I fall down, I get back up again…”)

Describing our paths through life Jan says: “While some of us may plan with care for the future and take pride in ticking off our milestones, for others it’s the excitement of the unexpected journey that gives us energy; taking our learning and experiences from one role straight into another seemingly unconnected one. Whatever life throws at us, our ability to be able to pick ourselves up, dust off and move on are based on being able to look inside and rely on our inner talents and strengths.”

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