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Infusing inclusion into your culture

Sometimes your organisation’s equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) activities can seem a long way from the nuts and bolts of what you do. 

Sometimes it seems so complex it’s impossible to know where to start. We think talking is often the best place. We want to help you start a conversation and be a culturemaker. 

  • You’ve done the unconscious bias training. You have a certificate. Now you feel more awkward about what to say or do.
  • Maybe the unconscious bias training left you curious, but not sure what to do. We can share some examples and help you take the next steps. 
  • Maybe you want to empower your team, design a better curriculum, or engage more diverse students.

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.

Our manifesto for inclusion in engineering

At Katalytik we love to gather information and then pull it apart and reassemble it into a structure that makes sense. We have a Manifesto for inclusive engineering and a four-pillar model that helps map it onto the work of engineers. 

Our four-pillar model provides a neat framework to begin chunking down the things you do. Underpinning the pillars are over 90 statements grouped as conversation starters. Find out where the good practice is, who is making a difference, and the critical next steps that you can take. 

We think you might be surprised at actually how much you are doing. 

Our framework

Four columns illustrating the way we break down our inclusion conversations

Step 1

Introductory workshop exploring the relationship between inclusion, diversity and engineering: Zoom or F2F  

Step 2

Individual reviews of targeted parts (or all) of the benchmarking tool. Zoom or F2F 

Step 3

Review and discussion of the collective scoring and prioritization of actions to take. Zoom or F2F 

Step 4

Targeted nudges and 6 month review cycle to evaluate progress and impact. Zoom or F2F 

Use the Katalytik approach to Inclusion


Start the conversation, share good practice, or ask 'is it OK?'
FREE Zoom live lounge conversations on the first Tuesday of each month from 12:30 - 13:30 (CST)



Monthly Zoom mastermind club across organisations. Includes: worksheets, themes, and tools. Annual Membership £990.00



Personal assistance with reviewing action plans, discussions on course content and material review. From £750

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CliftonStrengths from Gallup

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Our tool of choice to help you help each person be their best. And importantly, learning to value others who think, feel and engage differently. 

We’ve been working to build inclusive teams for over 10 years and are Gallup certified coaches:

  • A vocabulary for students (11 – 21), individuals and teams
  • Higher productivity
  • Increased engagement
  • Belonging and valuing difference
  • Raised profitability 

Read more on CliftonStrengths by clicking here