Transforming work & learning 

Find out how Katalytik’s suite of services can help build a welcoming culture for under-represented groups and career returners.


Consulting, coaching and programme development

Take time out to connect with your colleagues, reward and support your staff groups and teams with facilitated workshops tailored to your needs. From keynote lunchtime workshops to a two-day deep dive. Personal development and promotion, creating culturally inclusive conversations and team building.

Our aim is to support your shift to inclusive working and learning. Our online workshops and membership groups have replaced our face to face workshops.


Experience our conversational approach to inclusion based around our strategy planning tool, staff development, and curriculum ideas.

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Coaching 1:1 and groups

Extending your thinking and knowledge through frameworks and stimulating discussions. Individual and group coaching.

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Creating change through conversations

We bring a rich knowledge base and a creative approach to help you shape and develop your internal and outreach programmes. Shift happens when people are purposeful about making it happen. We bring an energized and conversational approach, based on evidence, to help you achieve your ambitions through:

  • Surveys
  • Facilitated workshop discussions
  • Research projects and reports
  • Benchmarking
  • Project management 
  • Keynote talks

Public workshops

Inclusive engineering education consultancy

Embed inclusive practices with a bespoke programme using our proprietary checklist tools.

A team of diverse workers

Coaching workshops

Build team productivity and inclusivity by focusing on strengths.

Women in seminar workshop

Returners programmes

Ease the path back to the science and engineering workplace – for career returners.


Every individual can discover his or her unique set of strengths – the philosophy underpinning everything we do.

Connecting others with a passion to create a unified and collective voice for change has been Jan Peters' driving force.

Womens Engineering Society Diversity in Engineering project (with Oxford Research and Policy)

Thank you for your support and being there with us!

Janssen, Finance Country LeadKatalytik Strengths Advocate Programme Participant

Jan Peters, consultant to the Centre for Engineering Education is one of the architects of the UCL Undergraduate Integrated Engineering Programme (IEP)

Professor Nigel Titchener-Hooker, Dean of UCL EngineeringLong term collaboration with UCL Engineering