Return coaching and consultancy

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Workshops for returners and career transitions

We all know that our effectiveness and fulfilment are defined by how we learn to manage and sell ourselves but did you know you can do this by building on your natural talents, your personal values and the quality of your relationships by simply being more of yourself?

No pretence, just being your authentic self?

Allow yourself some time at this workshop to learn a language to confidently describe what you are truly great at. We’ll help you target your talents to tackle challenges you face in your personal and professional life.

So whether you’re:

  • A career break professional wanting to stay on top of your game
  • Feeling anxious or unsure about returning to work after a break
  • Considering a shift in career or starting a new business

You’ll find this workshop worthwhile to help you take control of the future, raise your self-confidence, and be more effective in your interactions with others both at work and at home. Delivered by Jan Peters or Tracy Phillips and sometimes both together!