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The Benefits of Momentum Group Coaching

By 5th July 2021News Blog

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Momentum Group Coaching

Where providing a rich and diverse experience to enhance your knowledge and to continuously improve.

In recent times Group Coaching has become a popular and effective method focussing on optimising collective talent in a more effective way than a training course aims to do, and it has the potential to develop quicker with better results within groups of individuals.

Group Coaching is an emerging and interesting field and here at Katalytik our group coaching has been something that energizes us as much as 1:1 coaching. Momentum Group Coaching provides a rich and diverse set of experiences giving a broad context with ideas for solutions to your problems.

It’s been shown that by working within a supportive and trusting network helps you process multiple perspectives to challenges you face, and these can contribute to enhancing your knowledge and approach.

The benefits of group coaching for individuals are:

  • You can share your own ideas and support others, problem solving together;
  • Developing networks of likeminded people;
  • Less focus on YOU and more on shared development and growth;
  • Lots of varied case studies from other club members;
  • Confidence from peer mentoring and learning;
  • Learning coaching techniques yourself so you can be a more useful friend, colleague, or manager; and
  • Celebrating your wins with others.

The benefits extend to an organisational level:

  • Achieving broader impacts for employees, with a lower cost;
  • Untapping into wisdoms of others, support and networking from peers, building wider relationships and insights into clients’, employees’ and peers’ perspectives;
  • Solving problems quickly and gaining perspective;
  • Increasing productivity with more engagement and confidence by crowd-sourcing ideas from outside an organization; and
  • People tend to get ‘stuck’ less and more ‘flow’ is created in dealing with challenging tasks.

Our Momentum Group Coaching uses the Clifton Strengths Assessment as the basis for our coaching clubs. Momentum is a perfect first step into coaching. It offers the benefits of access to a certified strengths coach with a friendly peer group. And if you don’t feel ready to invest in a personal coach just yet, group coaching helps you see the potential.

Maybe you don’t feel like you’re worth  a personal coach. Or money is just too tight. This might be the  perfect way to help you build your confidence and get your mojo back. Or if you’re worried about having too much attention on yourself in a 1:1 coaching relationship, then Momentum offers you the opportunity to participate at your own rate; to observe and hear about others’ challenges and ways of using a strengths approach of learning how to be your best.

The CliftonStrengths tool gives you a personalized vocabulary to become familiar with

your innate talents. You’ll be able to talk about what makes you shine, with authenticity and confidence. Never be lost for words when you need to tell your manager what you need to be your best.

Our package aims to help you learn, love, and live what you do best. It focusses on understanding yourself, your relationships, and your power and edge.

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