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Strengths Jam July 2021 – What’s your value? Why don’t you see it?

By 2nd August 2021News Blog

Figure with words defining personal strength


[Why I love group coaching sessions]

Helen Shipton, Community Manager, Katalytik

Our July Strengths Jam was another energizing hour focusing on checking in on our value and gaining confidence in who we are. Identifying what we bring to the world helps us grow our belief in ourselves. This month, participants chose to focus on Discipline and Restorative talents as these talents were dominant for a couple of the participants. We then explored how these talents work differently for each person. Those who didn’t have these talent themes were really interested to hear how others think and get things done. Great learning to value and respect others.

We discussed areas of imposter syndrome and feeling that we’re not good enough and ways to manage your internal chatter and ultimately your mindset. Jan talked about helping us shift our sense of self from imposter to superhero.  There was lots of laughter during this interactive activity. We encouraged all the participants to present a statement about their value and confidently share it with us. Lots of awkward moments, but once we overcame the embarrassment of shouting out our value we all smashed it!

We had some fab feedback:

Thank you for the session, it made my day. I felt so much more confident after the session. This has never happened to me before.

Noor Mawas, Engineering Student

This session ticked my talent of Developer. I love seeing people move forward and stretch their self-awareness.

Strengths Jam

A ‘jam’ is another way of saying a party. Two or more people come together, but not in an official coaching arrangement, to talk about strengths.


  1. The act of a group of people coming together to explore issues around individual innate talent.
  2. An informal space for people to connect and talk about their strengths or talents
  3. A conversation talking about strengths to the point of being passionate. Derived from jamming out.