Strengths based inclusion


Being aware of your natural talents and actively using them allows you to develop a set of core strengths. Our aim is to help each person become the best version of themselves. We have developed our own methods to help you build inclusive cultures and teams. This counters stereotypes and helps to focus on what’s right with people rather than what’s not. Commonly called positive psychology.

The impact of introducing a positive psychology approach to your team means that:

  • Team members become more self-aware
  • Mutual respect grows between colleagues
  • Colleagues give each other ‘space’ to be authentic
  • Colleagues and managers begin to value contributions and not stereotypes
  • Teams become empowered and engaged with a direct impact on project outcomes.


 Since 2011 we have introduced over 2000 people to their natural talents and helped them learn how to use them.

We use strengths to bring diversity and inclusion programmes alive. 


Find out more about strengths and Katalytik’s services in these videos

Introducing strengths

A Katalytik video for client Janssen


What is strengths about?

A Katalytik video for client Janssen

Passion and purpose

Introducing strengths philosophy – a video by Simon Hurry