Inclusion Sprint

We are each only responsible for the actions of ourselves.

It’s time-out for “doing diversity” to or at people. Systems and policies have their place, but ultimately it is individual actions where the responsibility lies and where shifts can happen.

If you want to understand your students better, cutting through the jargon, then come along and find out ways of making the global engineering universe seem relevant to all.


If you want to move on from the mechanics and legal side of diversity and empower people to start building an inclusive space, then we’ve curated tools and space to do that.


The ‘diversity talk’ of the early noughties was about embedding equality, diversity and inclusion into our systems and processes. Somehow this conjures up images of hammering a stake into the ground after a long hard summer. Mainstreaming wasn’t much better. And for engineers the very use of a noun as a verb grated.


So, whether you’re a tutor or manager shaping your team, it’s time to connect with frameworks and models to shift how you can look at inclusion and belonging and gain ideas to connect with your students, colleagues, peers and organisational objectives.

The Katalytik approach is about infusing inclusion into nooks, crannies and crevices. And warming it up with some interesting and stimulating dialogue. Perhaps a bit like introducing minerals and elements into glass and sintering to form a stronger material. 

What is the Sprint?

Our Inclusion Sprint is a four-day intensive series of 1-hour sessions that catalyse new conversations around inclusion. It’s a taster for our new monthly Inclusion Club that starts in the summer.

The aim is to stimulate thinking for logical, pragmatic minds and add some questions that create new ideas on how to tackle inclusion.

Expect to explore what we mean by excellence, unpick discussion from debate, and some strategies for making connections between people as designers, users, and victims of engineering. And along the way, we’ll introduce tactics for inclusive conversations and online teaching and meetings.

The Inclusion Sprint is the start of a journey to get to know yourself, build your team and deliver benefit in your design, technical discipline, and global impact.

  • The Inclusion Sprint Worksheets (value £50)
  • Four x 1 hour online sessions (value £500)

Cost £97

Starts Monday 26th April and ends on Thursday 29th

Can’t make it? Don’t miss out on the next Sprint. If you can’t make this session: register your interest for the next.

Don’t forget

We use the CliftonStrengths assessment as the basis for our coaching clubs.

You need to buy or upgrade your CliftonStrengths profile to the full 34 to participate. 

Note that the Elite option includes a full 34 code. This can be passed on to a friend or colleague if you already have your full 34 report.

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