Reports we catalysed, managed or wrote before Katalytik

Our team have played a key role in managing and delivering a diverse range of reports that have had an impact on science and diversity policy in the UK and overseas

SET Fair – Greenfield Report – produced in dialogue with the STEM community this report defined 4 simple measures that needed addressing in the UK from reporting on gender in the R&D scoreboard to setting up a focused UK hub to make a step change in impact. Jan Peters was lead consultant and study director.

Government response to Greenfield – the follow up to the SET Fair report from the DTI.

Maximising Returns – the first work to try to quantify the number of potential STEM returners, this study was the brainchild of Jan Peters and informed policy changes.

Taking a Leading Role – A report from the Royal Society that set out good practice for STEM outreach and Ambassadors to help reach disengaged groups.

2005 IER Warwick-SET – The UK’s first look at ethnic diversity in science. A study commissioned by Jan Peters for the Royal Society as we posed the question “How many black and minority ethnic scientists and engineers are there in the UK who could act as role models?”

Reports produced by Katalytik

Exploring diversity and inclusion in engineering and sciences

Designing inclusive engineering education A collection of ideas, interventions and above all a practical method for tinkering and tweaking your course.

Set to Lead Summary report – this summary report highlights the findings and recommendations for making engineering higher education more inclusive and relevant in 2012 and beyond. View and access the project resources now the HE STEM page is no more. 

Set to Lead full report – Jobs for the boys? – this report provides the full data analysis of the qualitative survey of over 4,500 undergraduate engineers in the UK and data analysis of HESA data on students’ destinations and careers.

Set to Lead Assessment Centre good practice guide – a summary of good practice produced from the Set to Lead report, contributed to by 25 employers of engineers

Diversity in engineering data report – a collaboration between Jan Peters and Sean McWhinnie, this work, undertaken for the Women’s Engineering Society and funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering  provides an update and further analysis of the data studied for the Set to Lead project and analyses the data by ethnicity and socioeconomic background of students.

Diversity in engineering summary report – the short report of the above study, this includes a summary of the stakeholder discussions and focus groups with young people to inform the output poster campaign for WES. 

Diversity good practice in the construction sector – a commissioned piece for the EHRC that examined the status and attitudes towards diversity in the construction sector. 

Professional bodies embracing diversity – Commissioned work for the UKRC for women in SET and the Science Council produced the first snapshot audit tool for professional bodies offering a new (2007) framework for assessing progress on diversity and inclusion. 

Managing and returning to technical careers

As consultancy for BCS, as part of the Equalitec project, we created three outputs aimed at informing policy on IT careers for women

Taking a Break – a short resource guide to help IT professionals manage a career break, Taking a Break, includes tips, resources and case studies.

Women in IT Scorecard – the first comprehensive analysis of the status of women in IT in the UK, now updated.

Returners and re-entrants – a guide for employers on making the most of a lost talent pool, examples and case studies of schemes to facilitate returners and re-entrants to the workplace.



Different Women executive summary a report into the careers and success of black and minorty ethnic women as leaders.