Pocket Action List: Bookgroups


Sharing our learning through a short action list to help you get a book mastermind group going that works.


Some conversations are tricky. Sometimes we just can’t find the words. And when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Yes, it can be harder. Things can get personal. But if you use a fictional perspective or be from an author who isn’t present. Then it let’s the conversation cover more ground. This pocket action list helps you get your book mastermind off the ground.

One of the best ways we’ve found of opening conversations, helping people gain a different perspective on the world, is through a reading group. 

Maybe like us, over the years you’ve bought heaps of business books. It wasn’t until we discovered a mastermind approach, that we found we read the books, enjoyed them, and had massive takeaways. 

Reading groups absolutely don’t appeal to everyone. But if you frame them well, so many benefits come to light. Setting up and letting others manage the group means they can get creative about how it is run. And the benefits. Our pocket action list is the first step to doing it. 

Other reasons for setting up a mastermind include:

  • Cross-generational connections
  • Informal learning 
  • Sharing perspectives and ideals
  • Creating a safe space for discussion
  • Practice facilitation skills as different people lead the discussion

And plenty more.

If you enjoy the list – watch out for our Live Lounge virtual coffee mornings or a lunch and learn session where we’ll share ways to make book groups work.

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