Sean McWhinnie – research associate

Sean McWhinnie is an independent consultant with long-standing experience of diversity in higher education. Sean has worked with several learned societies, including the Royal Society, Royal Society of Chemistry, Institute of Physics, London Mathematics Society, and the Royal Astronomical Society, and other organisations including over 30 universities.

Sean has collaborated with Jan Peters and Katalytik on many pieces of work over 15 years including managing large surveys and field work exploring STEM research career paths. He is uniquely qualified and knowledgeable about the Athena SWAN awards panel process, having chaired all of them between 2010 and 2012. Sean’s experiences include detailed knowledge of the HESA and Labourforce datasets.

Sean worked on science policy and partnership development at the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) for 12 years growing the diversity programme leading work that includes research on the career intentions and experiences of PhD students in chemistry and molecular biosciences, and of research staff in chemistry and physics.  Prior to that he was a lecturer in the Chemistry Department at Brunel University. His skills have been instrumental to the development of our Inclusive Engineering Education workshops and our Inclusive Engineering checklist and tools.   

Sean’s top themes are Ideation, Deliberative, Analytical, Intellection, Input.

Sean also practises independently as Oxford Research and Policy,