Leonora Vincent – education associate

Leonora is an outstanding physics teacher and trainer of other teachers. Her professional life is a continuous learning curve of personal improvement – she has multiple degrees in Physics, Environmental Radiation Control, Business Administration and Education with experience in the nuclear industry, quality assurance and the secondary education sector.  Her commitment to young learners is driven by her belief that the demand for confident and dynamic science professionals can be met when children are helped to apply their innate strengths to the process of learning. She has previously partnered with Katalytik in STEM outreach, in particular to inspire girls to study science and engineering beyond school. Leonora is now working with Katalytik to hot-house our strengths programme for schools that will address social inclusion, self-esteem and mindset..

Leonora’s top 5 themes are: Deliberative, Restorative, Learner, Intellection, Input