Dr Jan Peters MBE

jan portrait2

I am an Inclusion Ideator, Consultant, and Coach providing bespoke services and transformational leadership change to engineering educators, professional societies and engineering and technology teams. Specializing in designing and delivering effective leadership strategies, inclusion, and engaged employee wellbeing.

I am also a certified Gallup CliftonStrengths Coach providing unparalleled, engaging, and energizing workshops supporting academics, early career engineers, including doctoral training centres, and businesses to help them enable colleagues to give each other space to be themselves.

As an award-winning inclusion and diversity leader, entrepreneur, and international speaker, I focus on how to transform your inclusion plan into action. I have been a board and advisory member for several professional society diversity committees and enjoy helping grow culture creators who can build inclusive workspaces.

As an Diversity consultant/trainer – I work with both higher education and large multinational organisations to identify and close the gap between where the company is and where they need to be. I bring energy and creativity to stretch ambitions and find innovative ways to catalyse change.

As an inclusion ideator I help people find the relevance to inclusion in their work, explore what they can do at a personal level to be more inclusive and also shape strategies that define action.