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At Katalytik, we are committed to championing diversity, inclusion, and equity in the engineering sector.

Our Engineering Inclusion Healthcheck tool is designed to assist in fostering a more inclusive educational environment within your institution.

We recognise that fostering inclusion isn’t a one-step process but an ongoing, evolving journey. This journey begins with an important question – can your teaching staff demonstrate how they integrate inclusion within their lectures, tutorials, or seminars?

Our Inclusion Healthcheck operates under four pillars of inquiry:

Beyond highlighting what’s already in place, the Engineering Inclusion Healthcheck tool also serves as a springboard for what could be. It enables sharing of knowledge across departments and courses, prioritising actions that nurture a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


The Katalytik Healthcheck Tool is not merely a measure of current performance but a catalyst for your future endeavours. It helps in strategic planning, setting priorities and goals, and exploring ideas to extend or broaden your vision of inclusion.


Don’t just guess the health of your organisation – know it.


Let Katalytik conduct an inclusion health check on your institution to evaluate the effectiveness of your current strategies and practices. Are you ready to explore the depth and breadth of your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts?