Regaining Team Balance

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Sometimes a team can go off balance. A bit like the washing machine spin cycle when the towels start to separate out from lighter items. The spin crescendos. If you are lucky it wobbles itself back to balance. Otherwise your attention is called for…

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Workplace development

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We’ll help you build a welcoming culture for under-represented groups and career returners. A transition to an inclusive culture should result in real change (Our founder Jan Peters’ Purple Boot campaign pushed the issue of female-friendly safety clothing to the forefront – demanding attention…

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Talent in Schools

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What Talent Ignition can do for you: Insights into what motivates each child Ideas to more successfully engage with a students’ mindset A clear, easy approach to improving resilience and mindset in school and beyond the school gate Report and briefing session for teachers…

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Return coaching and consultancy

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Workshops for returners and career transitions We all know that our effectiveness and fulfilment are defined by how we learn to manage and sell ourselves but did you know you can do this by building on your natural talents, your personal values and the…

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Video stories

Our research reports and projects always have a ‘so what?’ factor about them. We have taken this talent and in partnership with Major Minor Media have produced a series of video stories to encapsulate the learning from projects and events. Katalytik was commissioned by…

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The Voice of Women Students


This project was undertaken for the Women’s Engineering Society (WES), working in association with Oxford Research and Policy and funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering. Katalytik undertook: Focus groups with girls in school years 7 to 10 Focus groups with undergraduate women engineers…

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Adult Returners to Education


Not everyone enters higher education at 18. Making the life-changing decision to return to education as an adult and, in particular, to study science or engineering can be daunting. Adult Returners was a short project for a consortium of south west universities to produce…

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Returners and Re-entrants


Some women, and increasingly men, take a career break and use it to their advantage to publish papers, write a book or acquire a new qualification. Others struggle. Technology gaps are not the biggest barrier to returning, it’s confidence. Employers and managers can help…

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